May 2013 Family Blog Hop

Happy Spring Season!!!!!

And we are in our new home…..
What a great sensation…. to be outside in out own green and colorful yard!
There is no price!!!!
We love the house. We love the neighborhood!
What else would be ask for?????

Oh, I need help!!!!!
Yes, we are living in between boxes and dust and tools!!!!

We are doing our best but time doesn’t stop!!!
And to “help” out things……
I started working!!!


That’s why y missed the time today to post my blog…
Sorry, Ladies, I am late!!!!!! 🙂

This is our first night sleeping in the new house… We were supposed to do funny faces… 🙂
My husband was more interested with the celebration… better said: the wine! 🙂



As I couldn’t be here last month because we were in Spain… I post also a picture of us… I think it was the only one we had together…. for the baptize of a niece…. we were not ready for the photo…. but…. it’s what I have! :S


I my God! I look sooo fat! But visiting the family is always like that…. talk and eat… eat and talk… Now summer is coming and I have to be under a great diet! 🙂

I send regards to all and the list of participants of the blog are!


Patricia   < ——— you are here!
Louise  <——- next visit
Diana  (Welcome, Diana!!!!)
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Family Blog Hop is already 2 years old!


Thanks to Margie the family blog hop was born and now we are here for two years having our family photos for a special album and great memories!

I am sorry I couldn’t have pictures of this 2-year period to register here but I can mention that my last 2 years were of very intense! 🙂

Two years ago we were in Shanghai (China) enjoying life, friends, school, work… then things changed quickly. It was time to rethink about the future. Six months before the contract expired, we had to communicate the company what we intend to do…
And it was difficult. Go to where? Back to Germany? Oh the language…. To Spain? No work over there. To Brazil? No interesting positions…. We just had England or United States!

There we are…. between this two english-spoken countries…

Well time was passing by. No options to stay longer in China….. England would mean changing company. Going to the US would be the best!

The answer from the company was too slow. We had million of thoughts…. no action! So difficult….
When time came in, it was a complete chaos! Everything together: moving, documents, job interviews, farewell parties…. It was a mixture of relieve and sadness…. leave our friends and almost 6 years there….

But we had to look ahead… and we arrived in Michigan with 7 suitcases…. and nothing more! 🙂 Went to a hotel for the first 10 days so we would have time to rent a small apartment until we could buy a house…

Six months later… still no house… an apartment dumped with so many things…. oh my nerves were being again tested! 🙂

Like in China….it took 6 months to decide things…..

But I consider myself a lucky person…. finally, we found a nice house and right now we are in the process of moving…. AGAIN! ;(

Even with all that, I am soooo happy!!!!!

We have our new and sunny house…. New projects and a life ahead! Spring is coming…. for sure we will enjoy it a lot!!!!

Yes, definitely, many things happened during these two last years…. but I luckily have a string to keep me holding…. my family blog hop… that remembers me that family is important and we need to spare some time to have quality time and register this moments together.

Thanks, Margie, and all the participants! It’s great to share some family time and make new friends….

My picture from this month is not my birthday that was March 7th (I couldn’t have a picture of all together) but from the Taekwondo Tournament my son participated…. He was sick and got 2 second place trophies… We were very proud!

See you next month!

The participants of this month are:


Patricia    <- you are here!
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And the party continues…..

The year started with a party at home…. January started and soon we had another party. My son’s birthday. It was our first birthday party in the USA and our first party outside home. Yes, we always had parties at home… and going to Chuck E. Chick was great for my son and very easy for us.

Here is our picture!


This is for our monthly family blog hop!

The participants are:


I can’t wait to see the other family photos!!!!

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New Year Old Resolutions

Happy 2013!!!!

The new year started and of course we still have some old resolutions that we couldn’t do, start or finish last year….

Let’s see how this year will be.

One of my resolutions for this year is to do all the FAMILY BLOG HOP that Margie is organizing.

Last year was intense…. by moving from Asia to America… facing a new life style and trying to understand my-new-home citizens!!!!

Here I am, ready to start!

The picture of this month is not the best but represents an important moment. In Michigan, we were ready to eat the grapes with my parents-in-law in Spain via Skype. The spanish have a different way of celebrating the New Year’s Eve. When it’s midnight they eat one grape with the sound of the bell… Midnight has 12 “boings” so we eat 12 grapes… This is to bring fortune to all months of the year.


Now please go to the next participant: Carol Anne

This is the the whole group:




Carol Anne

See you next month and have a Great Year!!!!!

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July Family Blog Hop 2012

Finally I am back to the Family Blog Hop!

Moving from China to United States wasn’t an easy process. It took 7 months to just define the country. Then everything was so fast that we didn’t have time for much. Our dog is still behind in Shanghai. Our move was supposed to come by air, now it’s coming by sea…

Now we are living in a hotel and trying to rent an apartment but we don’t have the security number yet… so everything is almost impossible…

At least we had a nice farewell from Shanghai… so we are still charged with the warmth of friends and the memories of a nice time over there.

This month our picture is from Shanghai. Our last dinner at the Shanghai World Financial Center Hotel. It was on the 91st floor. A nice view… great memories.

Now with easy access to internet, things will be easier for me to post our family pictures…

Here comes the list of the participants of the July Family Blog Hop:





Patricia <— you are here!

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April Family Blog Hop x 12

April arrived and I am so lucky! I didn’t need to hurry and have a picture of our family all together. Of course, my plan was to have us outside in the garden, enjoying the beautiful weather that longed to arrive. Instead, I have an indoor picture… in school theater! It was the presentation of Year One and there we were, all proud and happy to see our son on stage! The play? Cinderella…. a special one, very modern… a musical with many characters from different stories… Everybody enjoyed!!!!

Cinderella Show

For the curious ones, the family blog hop is leaded by Margie. For more information please click here!

This month will have few participants but not less important!


Patricia  <— you are here!

Ruth  <— next one!

Jo (she will post late, so be sure to check back)

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March Family 12 x Blog Hop

Here we are with our March Family Blog Hop. It’s an idea of Margie (! You may know more about it reading here.

I’m happy to be back to the group and to have pictures of our family together. This month we had more than one photo! Ihuuuu!!!!

I didn’t need to ask my family to be together and have a picture for my personal project! 🙂 Of course! Being in Brazil with family and friends, it came naturally!

We left the winter from Shanghai and went to the summer of Brazil. What a difference!!!!! We all loved and you can see it!

Rio de Janeiro 2012

Rio de Janeiro 2012


Now let’s see what will come next month as we are back to the grey and cold Shanghai! 😦

This month participants are:

Patricia <– you are here!

If you want to restart go back to Margie!

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